The Daily Princetonian is the student-run independent newspaper of Princeton University. This site is for when http://www.dailyprincetonian.com is down.

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The 137th Managing Board of The Daily Princetonian
Luc Cohen ’14, Editor-in-Chief
Grace Riccardi ’14, Business Manager

Emily Tseng ’14, Managing Editor
Patience Haggin ’14, News Editor
Anastasya Lloyd-Damnjanovic, News Editor
Sarah Schwartz ’15, Opinion Editor
Stephen Wood ’15, Sports Editor
Abigail Williams ’14, Street Editor
Monica Chon ’15, Photography Editor
Merrill Fabry ’14, Photography Editor
Andrea Beale ’14, Copy Editor
Erica Sollazzo ’14, Copy Editor
Helen Yao ’15, Design Editor

Catherine Ku ’14, Associate News Editor
Marcelo Rochabrun ’15, Associate News Editor for Enterprise
Chelsea Jones ’15, Associate Opinion Editor
Rebecca Kreutter ’15, Associate Opinion Editor
Damir Golac ’15, Associate Sports Editor
Victoria Majchrzak ’15, Associate Sports Editor
Urvija Banerji ’15, Associate Street Editor
Catherine Bauman ’15, Associate Street Editor
Amy Garland ’14, Intersections Editor
Conor Dube ’15, Associate Photography Editor
Lilia Xie ’14, Associate Photography Editor
Dana Bernstein ’15, Associate Copy Editor
Jennifer Cho ’15, Associate Copy Editor
Allison Metts ’15, Associate Design Editor

Ethan Jamnik ’15, Editorial Board Chair
Amy Garland ’14, Intersections Editor
Daniel Santoro ’14, Prox Editor
Christine Wang ’14, Multimedia Editor
Rishi Kaneriya ’16, Associate Multimedia Editor

The 137th Business Board of The Daily Princetonian
Grace Riccardi ’14, Business Manager

Director of National Advertising: Nick Hu ’15
Director of Campus/Local Advertising: Harold Li ’15
Director of Web Advertising: Matteo Kruijssen ’16
Director of Recruitment Advertising: Zoe Zhang ’16
Director of Operations: Elliot Pearl-Sacks ’15
Director of Subscriptions: Elon Packin ’15

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I would like to get some advertising specs and rates for a full page ad. Where is your website where I can find this information? We are ready to develop our ad but I need the specs and the rate. Please email or call Elsie Sheidler at the Pace Center for Civic Engagement – sheidler@princeton.edu, 609-258-7783. Thank you.

  2. Good evening,
    I am writing to kindly ask for a story to be publicized. Early November 2014, I was wrongly arrested for an alleged rape of a black woman by the name of Shanita Taylor. (You can view her Facebook page)  I was arrested Saint Peter’s University campus. And was then immediately suspended.  After a hearing with the Dean of Student, I was permitted to come back to school. The school took no action against her in with all proof that she lied, they’re  hoping twhen I see her I will do something crazy then they will have a reason to expel me. I was released on my own recognizance  after spending 20 days; the case ended-up being dismissed after 38 days. My arrest was published by all major local newspapers, while in jail the school made no communication with my family to informed them of my emergency.  Since then my life has been a mess, I am trying so hard not to commit suicide but I am losing strength. The officer who interviewed the girl who falsely accused me lied to get an arrest warrant when he was able to determine whether a crime did occur.  I plan to take legal action against SPU for breach of contract, against Shanita for defamation of character,  and also the detective for malicious prosecution. Thus far, I have filed a tort-claim notice to inform the public entity whom I plan to take legal action against.

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