INTERSECTIONS: Reunions Music Preview – Friday

5wv6acgvdmmweak1hqobh30xwgo9lygAt Reunions, even if you were to try and hide yourself away in the tallest Gothic tower, the music always follows you. That thumping bass and those cheesy 90’s dance music remixes (including a lovely rendition of Ciara’s “One, Two Step” and Sisqo’s “Thong Song” I heard last night) are truly the pulse of the weekend. Apart from the late-night dancing, however, different organizations and student-groups have put together some awesome performances and interactive opportunities. Read on to see what’s happening today in music! 

Any classical musicians out there? Be sure to head over to the front lawn of Woolworth to join in the fun with the Princeton University Orchestra. I guess only go if you’re really good though, since it’s all sight-reading… Should be cool to go watch as well! It starts at 10 am and goes until 2:30 pm

From 11 am onwards, you can check out some great rock music at the Battle of the Alumni Bands. These feature bands who got together during their own college days and are now reuniting to jam on the lawn in front of the U-Store. I like this scene generally because everyone is reminiscing with classic oldies, what could be better?

Then there is the Princeton University Wind Ensemble Alumni Concert happening at 2 pm, with “music ranging from traditional Princetonian songs to concert band classics and even Disney movie selections” — sounds excellent to me. It’s kid-friendly and open to everyone, so go check it out on 1879 Hall Green!

If you’re looking for a great panel discussion, head over to McCosh 28 at 3 pm for “Where Culture Meets Community: The Social Impact of Arts & Humanities Organizations.” Famed Professor Stanley Katz of the Woodrow Wilson School and Director of the Center for Arts and Cultural Policy Studies will moderate the discussion with a number of notable alumni who are involved in the field. It should be very interesting and enlightening for those of you intrigued by the worlds of community service and the arts.

Similarly, at 3:30 pm there is a “Princeton in the Arts/Young Alumni Panel: The 5th Anniversary of the Lewis Center for the Arts” discussion in the Lewis Center’s Hamilton Murray Theater. This is an especially important opportunity for Princetonians looking to pursue a career in the arts, as you will discover what it is like in the business and what the Lewis Center can do to help support your career.

These are the highlights I found on today’s schedule, but be sure to look for yourself as there are a number of a capella, musical theater and other performances happening all day and night! Be sure to check out the tents tonight, and keep a look out for the headlining performance at the 25th tent….. we’ll keep you updated!


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