Leora Friedman ’14 Invited to VMAs to Honor her Charity Work


Friedman, founder of the non-profit organization called Music is Medicine, was recently recognized by mtvU’s Random Acts for her expansion of music to impact the lives of others. Music is Medicine brings music to pediatric patients who are gravely ill and attempts to raise money for their treatment.

The organization’s most recent initiative is called “Donate a Song” which seeks to pair up a famous artist with a patient. The artist will write a song for the patient and, by releasing it,  raise awareness about the disease afflicting the patient.

Courtesy of mtvu.com

Courtesy of mtvu.com


Glee star Darren Criss, on behalf of mtvU, surprised Leora during an interview and invited her to be his date to the Video Music Awards on Sunday, August 25th.  In mtvU’s promotional clip which was published today, Criss said that while he and Friedman walk down the red carpet together, they can promote and raise awareness about her charitable work.

MtvU also gave Friedman a $1000 grant to continue to expand the Music is Medicine initiative.

See The Daily Princetonian’s coverage of Friedman’s nonprofit here.


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