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MORRI$, a producer from Lawrence, Kansas whose real name is Philesciono Canty, is a fresh face in the instrumental hip hop scene. If you head over to his SoundCloud, expect a blend of Washed Out, Flying Lotus, and TNGHT. There’s that ambient, chill-wave sound that swoops over you, countered by a thundering pulsating bass. It’s trap meets intelligent dance music. Genius, right? Luckily for you, MORRI$ is gracing our very own Terrace Club with his sick beats tonight. Don’t miss it.

His music always bears an air of intrigue. What’s this dude’s story? Peeking into his tumblr account, which is artsy with a hint of sophistication and sass, MORRI$ reveals that he’s been in the game for a while now. The son of a producer, he’s been  “comfortable spinning since [he] was a child.” Producing since 2005, and DJing professionally since 2008, this guy’s got some experience—this explains the experimental and complex quality of his tracks.


MORRI$’s chill-wave electronic grooves provide a sleek, modern, and almost jazzy sound. Check “Rashida Jones,” my favorite track (see below): it’s silky smooth yet bold, with all kinds of spicy flavor. Honestly, it’s like the instrumental reaction of a guy upon seeing a fine lady (in this case, Rashida). Its sound is super fresh, you’ll probably never heard anything like it before.

While he does make beats for rappers like Le1f, his music can be enjoyed without an emcee over it. Whether you blast it loud at party, jam out to it in the car, or have it playing in the background wherever, MORRI$’s music is versatile and avant-garde. Definitely check him out tonight!

Update: due to the fact that the lovely pre-frosh are here on campus, this event will most likely be members only. Our apologies if we got anyone excited about it who can’t come!


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