INTERSECTIONS: Album Review: Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou – ‘La Ferme de Fontenaille’


If I ever decided to leave premature spinsterhood, I would live the love story of Trevor Moss and Hannah-Lou. They went to art school. They started the band Indigo Moss. They fell in love. Indigo Moss fell apart. They got married. And they decided to just duet and tour about the English countryside in candlelit churches. Bliss.

Other cool things they have done include but are not limited to: opening their own label, The Anglophone Recording Company, with which they also produce cute, documentary-esque videos; starting their own radio show, “The Lantern Society Radio Hour”; and touring by canal boat. 

IFBut that is not the end of their cuteness. Last April, the adorable British couple loaded up their rickety old car and headed to a little quaint farm in the charming Pays de la Loire region in northwestern France. Quelle jolie! On the way to the farm, the resplendent couple  (I’m running out of synonyms for “cute”) began writing songs. I imagine they sang with the voice of the wind and river god in mind. They also probably ate miniature apples and took driving breaks to sit alongside a clear pond on blankets quilted by their great grandmothers. Once at their farm, they unloaded their gear and got to work for ten days. “Work”=writing music, riding bicycles, playing music, eating other miniature fruits, and recording music on cassettes. And thus, their latest album La Ferme de Fontenaille was born.

The album itself reflects the entire quaint farm experience. It is peaceful, a little sad but with catharsis, and whimsical. While my play level on iTunes I extremely variable, the album as a whole is beautiful: masterfully sung and plucked. The harmonies are rich, as Hannah-Lou’s high, clear voice mixes with Trevor’s nasally, old-timey one.


Staff Writer

The song with the particularly high count is “A Proud Surrender.” It starts with Trevor counting off into a slow 3-count, and it quickly turns into one of those sad cathartic things I was talking about. Nothing turns out as you thought it would. Is there such thing as a proud surrender? I have no idea, but it is certainly a pleasing song.

What comes in a (not-that-) close second is “The Day the Rebel in me Dies.” Then, “For A Minute There” and “Two strangers.” These tracks are more upbeat and get that whimsical qualification. “The Day the Rebel in me Dies” even features some subtle tambourine, so you know it’s good.

Oh, how I love British people.

Here is their video for “A Proud Surrender” that features the documentary on the making of the album by Trevor.


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