NEWS: News & Notes: Joke e-mail warns Dartmouth students of “zombified student”


A joke e-mail sent April 3 to students by the Dartmouth president’s office warned students of the presence of a “zombified student” who had been exposed to an experimental pathogen in the college’s Life Sciences Center.

A similar prank e-mail was sent to University students on April 1 as an April Fool’s joke informing them that room draw times had been reorganized.

The Dartmouth joke e-mail, which originated from “president’” and was signed by Dartmouth president Carol L. Folt, explained the student displayed aggressive behavior that included “charging at and attempting to bite other students.”

“We also wish to stress that as a community, we cannot and will not tolerate the derogatory term “zombie” being applied to any member of the Dartmouth community, whether infected or not,” the e-mail read.

The letter also assured students that an Infected Student Incident Team had been established to respond to the problem and had confined the “zombified student” to a classroom. It asked students with information that could assist the investigation to come forward. The e-mail included an “artist’s rendition” of the infected student.


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