LETTER TO THE EDITOR: What I would say to the young women of Princeton

(or any institution of higher education, for that matter … and precisely what I said to my daughter as she headed off to college — not Princeton)

Class of 1977

Go off to college determined to get the best darn education you can. Take advantage of the great professors, get a taste of academic disciplines that are new to you, seek out interesting/diverse classmates, play a sport or an instrument, join a club or two and study what you love. Make the most of your time there and allow yourself to evolve. I would bet many of us wish we had done more.

Most parents I know are not sending their daughters to college to find a husband. However, if along the way, you happen to meet someone and fall in love (be they your intellectual equal or not), lucky you. But I would caution you not to get married too quickly. Your education is far from over upon graduation. Particularly for a young woman, it is very important to know you can handle the world on your own. Given the marital statistics, who knows what’s to come. I venture to guess that the divorce rate for Princeton marriages is no better than the national average.

If you don’t happen to meet “the one” while an undergrad, please don’t despair. Most of us didn’t. If marriage and family are important to you (as they are to me), remember that the world is full of smart, eligible people. You are no doubt well-educated, ambitious and bound to end up in a milieu where you will meet like-minded people. I certainly wouldn’t spend my precious four years at any university/college worrying about that.

Priscilla Smart Schwarzenbach ’77


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