Class of 1962

Susan Patton ’77 may find something to consider in the following paradox: My wife of 26 years went to Berkeley, but she has never failed to interest me every day of my life with her.

Yours sincerely,
Frederic M. Smith ’62


4 thoughts on “LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A paradox

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  2. The University of California, Berkeley is indeed noted for being an inferior institution suited only for ignorant poors, Mr. Frederic M. Smith. Needless to say, I am shocked by the knowledge that a Princeton man such as yourself would debase himself by marrying a loathsome commoner, whose education at Berkeley, however sorry it must have been, can only have helped her rise above her parents’ lowly status. I fear your example, lest we shall one day hear of Princeton men who bring shame upon themselves by advancing their academic careers at such a piddling place. What a wretched education traitor that man would be!

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