NEWS: News & Notes: U. ranked 5th on ‘dream schools’ list


Princeton was ranked fifth on the Princeton Review’s list of applicants’ top 10 “dream schools,” The Huffington Post reported. The list was released as part of the company’s annual “College Hopes and Worries” survey.

Stanford topped the list, followed by Harvard, Columbia and New York University. MIT and Yale were ranked seventh and eighth, respectively.

The survey’s purpose is to evaluate students’ stress levels throughout the college application process. While last year’s results indicated that applicants’ greatest fear was to be accepted to their dream school and not be able to afford it, this year’s survey indicates that this fear has been replaced by the concern of graduating with too much debt.


2 thoughts on “NEWS: News & Notes: U. ranked 5th on ‘dream schools’ list

  1. Given all the attention directed at Princeton and renewed charges of elitism generated by Susan Patton’s now infamous letter, do you not think it somewhat impolitic, when listing the top ten “dream” schools, to avoid mentioning nos. 6. 9. and 10, which are, respectively, UCLA, U of Michigan, and Berkeley, all state universities? Do they not deserve to be ranked in such elite company? Or is it a bit embarrassing that Princeton is just one tick above a mere state school?

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