Today’s Paper: April 2, 2013


Click here to read a digital copy of today’s print issue.

Alumna letter generates national attention by Anna Mazarakis and Ronan O’Brien, Staff Writer and Contributor
Chair of the Board Hall ’80: Comfortable in her own skin by Patience Haggin, News Editor
Prank room draw email prompts OIT investigation by Ella Cheng, Staff Writer
ICC releases survey to collect feedback on eating club admissions process by Seth Merkin Morokoff, Contributor
News & Notes: Harvard committee on academic integrity proposes Honor Code

Why stop there? by Rebecca Kreutter and Holt Dwyer, Associate Editor for Opinion and Guest Contributor
Letter to the Editor: Apr. 2, 2013 by William B. Russel and Andrew Kane, Dean of the Graduate School and Director of Housing & Real Estate
Faceborg: Resistance is fruitful by Bennett McIntosh, Columnist
CARTOON: “Pope Francis: First Reactions” by Jason Bach GS, Cartoonist

Women’s club rugby: Tigers hold off Brown to win Ivy title by Stephen Wood, Sports Editor
Football: Prized QB recruit drops Vanderbilt commitment for Princeton by Hilary Dodyk, Staff Writer
Tennis: Men and women begin Ivy play with defeats of Penn by Andrew Sun, Staff Writer
Crew: All four teams dominate on Lake Carnegie by Gina Talt, Staff Writer


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