SPORTS: Men’s lacrosse: Around the Ivies


The men’s lacrosse Ivy League standings are quite volatile at this point in the season. With multiple ties in the standings, conference games coming up this weekend are critical in determining the final standings. Below, we fill you in on the race so far:


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SPORTS: Softball: Tigers continue to build momentum

Ananda Zhu :: Senior Photographer © 2013 The Daily Princetonian Publishing Co.

Ananda Zhu :: Senior Photographer © 2013 The Daily Princetonian Publishing Co.

Staff Writer

The softball team got off to a solid start in Ivy play on its home turf last weekend with doubleheaders against both Brown and Yale. The Tigers won three of their four games, sweeping Brown but losing the second game against Yale in extra innings. The successes of the weekend put the team at the top of the standings, tied with Penn for first in the Ivy League South Division, and the Tigers rode the momentum when they played Villanova Tuesday afternoon at the Class of 1895 Field. Princeton took the lead in the second inning and held on, winning 4-1.

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OPINION: The educational guild

Faculty Columnist

On the Wednesday before spring break, my dissertation adviser turned 80, an occasion I marked by sending him a card and a couple of recent articles. That Friday, I flew to Oregon to deliver a paper at an annual conference that he and his wife, another great teacher of mine, always attend. But because he’d been ill for some months, this year she went on her own. And we did what we’ve always done, but without him: We gave our talks (mine was on the attempts by linguist Ferdinand de Saussure to uncover anagrams in Vedic poetry), went to our colleagues’ talks, talked about the talks and about our colleagues and enjoyed ourselves over food and wine. Since he seemed to be getting better, our mood was cheerful, and I departed on Monday morning optimistic that the three of us would be getting together again soon.

Two days later, that next Wednesday morning, he died.

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OPINION: Great expectations


Events of the past week have caused me to reflect quite a bit on what going to Princeton means. The reality of the Class of 2017 prompted me to think back over my four years and what Princeton means to me. And the national news attention reminded me about what it can and does mean to others.

There have been — and will continue to be — many responses to Susan Patton’s Letter to the Editor, addressing her message or how she made her argument. Despite how I set out, my column, too, ended up being influenced by my thoughts about Ms. Patton’s letter. I find myself annoyed with how Ms. Patton seems to have thrown Princeton’s reputation under the bus with her innocent — or not — piece of advice. So here’s one of my takeaways from the week on how we should or shouldn’t tout the Princeton name.

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OPINION: Anthropomorphized mediocrity


Mediocrity is an old, bitter foe. For years my greatest fear has been to take mediocrity as my companion, one that would forever hold me back from the longed-for Land of Greatness.

All this time I have fantasized about drawing out my sword and defeating Mediocrity in one swift, fatal battle. That is the battle I must face, the challenge that separates me from greatness. Perhaps going to college will do it, or joining a big company or going to grad school is the answer — something, anything.

But whatever I do, however hard I try, no matter how fast I run, Mediocrity always seems to be around. At every point of success I look around, convinced that the final battle has occurred. But Mediocrity reappears to remind me that it has not. The fight continues.

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NEWS: News & Notes: Slaughter ’80 may be named next president of New America Foundation


Politics professor Anne-Marie Slaughter ’80 has been elected the next president of the New America Foundation, two NAF board members told The New York Times. The New America Foundation is a nonpartisan public policy institute based in Washington, D.C. Continue reading