A call for submissions


Since publishing the letter to the editor written by Susan Patton ’77 on Friday, we have received a high volume of feedback, including a response letter written by Director of the Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies Jill Dolan. Patton’s letter has been debated widely in the national and international media, including major magazines, widely circulated newspapers and television morning shows.

In the interest of furthering this conversation, The Daily Princetonian is soliciting reactions to Patton’s letter and the ensuing media coverage. The ‘Prince’ will be publishing a special section later this week both in print and online dedicated to the responses of the community. We are looking for letters that touch on Patton’s ideas, the way the media covered the letter, the status of gender relations on campus and the topic of career-family balance. Only signed submissions will be published. Please send responses to  opinion@dailyprincetonian.com by 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 3.

Luc Cohen
The Daily Princetonian



6 thoughts on “A call for submissions

  1. You’re handling a hot journalistic item intelligently. No doubt, you will learn a lot from the experience; and so might your readership.

  2. Yeah, keep fanning the flamewar — why let it die down now, when you can rustle up more trollbait / hits? Thanks for setting such an example of insightful journalism.

  3. In Australia, our female Prime Minister (university-educated lawyer) lives with (oops – she hasn’t married) a male hairdresser –

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