NEWS: Alumna letter generates national attention

Courtesy of Princeton Weekly Bulletin Archives © 2013 The Daily Princetonian Publishing Co.

Courtesy of Princeton Weekly Bulletin Archives © 2013 The Daily Princetonian Publishing Co.

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Susan Patton ’77 made international headlines over the weekend in response to the letter she wrote to the editor of The Daily Princetonian, published on Friday.

The letter encouraged female Princeton students to find a husband at the University before graduation, stating that they would never again be surrounded by such a concentration of intellectually stimulating men.

The letter received immediate attention from students, alumni and the blogosphere, receiving an estimated 2,000 views on The Daily Princetonian’s website before the site became unavailable Friday afternoon. It also received about 1,000 views on the ‘Prince’s’ temporary website. The letter was republished by a number of national news outlets and blogs, including The Huffington Post, ABC, CNN and Jezebel.

Patton told the ‘Prince’ in an interview that she wrote the letter because she wanted to diversify the current advice being given to women at Princeton and other universities, which she said is geared only toward professional aspirations and development.

“The truth of the matter is, work-life balance means it’s not just work,” Patton said. “All I’m saying is to look around now because if you invest the first 10 years after college doing nothing but developing your career, you find yourself in your early 30s with a wonderful career and nothing to balance it with.”

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NEWS: Prank room draw email prompts OIT investigation

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The Office of Information Technology has launched an investigation into the origins of what Housing and Real Estate Services has referred to as a “fraudulent email” that was sent to the student body on the morning of April 1 posing as an official communication from Housing and Real Estate Services. Continue reading

NEWS: ICC releases survey to collect feedback on the eating club admissions process


The Interclub Council released a survey via email on March 25 designed to collect feedback from sophomores who registered to participate in the eating club admissions process this year based on their experiences joining a club or using the updated ICC website. Continue reading

NEWS: News & Notes: Harvard Committee on Academic Integrity proposed Honor Code


A Harvard College committee has proposed a five-point honor code and the creation of a Student-Faculty Judicial Board that would become the sole body to handle academic dishonesty cases, The Harvard Crimson reported. For the first time in Harvard’s history, the board would give students a role in adjudicating cases of academic dishonesty. Continue reading

NEWS: Faculty vote to approve changes to Thanksgiving break, fall semester


Thanksgiving break will begin on the day before Thanksgiving starting this fall, after a unanimous vote by the faculty at a University faculty meeting on Monday. As a result, the fall 2013 semester will now begin on the second Wednesday of September, rather than the second Thursday of September. Continue reading

INTERSECTIONS: Music – On to the Next One Playlist


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So spring break came and went…now what? On to the next one — summer is (sort of) on its way. Here’s to the rest of the spring semester: this random compilation of songs will be helping me stay pumped through the next six or so weeks. Hopefully they can help you out too in this last push. Afraid of heights? Conquer them by reaching Higher Ground. Remember to Express Yourself, it helps deal with your F**ckin’ Problems. Continue reading